Sport Squad Greyson Foosball Table

Editor rating

4/5 on November 3, 2017

User's rating

27 reviews


  • One of the easiest models to assemble
  • Large enough to accommodate 4 adults



May not stand up to heavy use over a long term.


At this price point the Sport Squad is a good buy for a family setting.

This Sport Squad Greyson Foosball table features a unique sleek gray finish.  The playfield is made of sturdy 15mm medium-density fiberboard (MDF).  Large 15mm thick square legs with oversized leg levelers give this model good stability.   Durable, plastic modern looking players have been strategically molded to improve accuracy when passing and shooting. This table is large enough to accommodate 4 adults in 2 vs. 2 play.  The recessed goal boxes easily and automatically return the ball on each player’s side. This table is one of the easiest to assemble.   Simply attach the two sides and put on the legs.

Additional Features:

  • Sliding manual scorers
  • 3-man goalie formation
  • Player side ball return
  • Cup holders
  • Two Soccer foosballs included

Features To Look For When Choosing a Foosball Table

Goalie Bar: Foosball tables come in two varieties, one-goalie setups and three-goalie setups. One-goalie setups are standard in European regions. Foosball tables with one goalie will have slightly raised corners that feed the ball back into play. Single goalie tables do take a more precise style of play to succeed.
You can find three-goalie configurations in North America. The additional players on the bar can dig the ball out of the corners more quickly and lead to a faster style of play.
There is no right choice here, just a matter of preference.

Bearings: Follow along. The bars go through the holes. The bars spin in the holes. Bearings are the hidden little part between the bar and the table. They extend the life of the table and provide the smooth movement that determines the quality of play.
Bearing quality varies greatly. Bearings have what is called an ABEC rating (Annular Bearing Manufacturers Association). The ABEC ratings suitable for foosball tables are 1, 3, 5 and 7.

Rods: Foosball table rods will either be solid or hollow. The best option here is the later. Hollow rods are lighter and easier to move. They move faster and will give smoother gameplay.

Counterbalanced Players: Higher end tables have counterbalanced players. A counterbalanced player has additional weight moved toward its head. The test is to rotate the handle so that the player is horizontal. A table with counterbalanced players will stay horizontal after you let go. Counterbalance also affects gameplay. The handle rotation will be uniform and make for smoother gameplay.

Ball Returns: Ball returns can be on each end, under the goal or on each side where the players stand. Side returns require some additional plumbing. You will find them on the more expensive tables.