Atomic Top Shelf Air Hockey Table

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3/5 on November 4, 2017

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24 reviews

This Atomic model is a “heavy hitter” at 230 lbs. No mistake about it, this is a full-size table with grown-up features. The Top Shelf has a PVC play surface that’s plenty large at 82″ x 42″. This large play surface is powered by a 120V motor. Much like the Lumen-X table above this has LED illuminated side rails, sound effects, and high tempo music.

With a table this size there are some things to think about. Is your room big enough? A 12′ x 8′ space is recommended. Also, do you have a clear path to get it there? The table top comes mostly assembled and is very heavy. If you have to turn it around corners it could become a logistical nightmare. Give it some thought.

Assembly takes about 2 hours and is fairly straightforward.

Accessories include 2 LED pusher, 2 round pucks, 1 hexagonal spinner LED puck